ISELED: Technology - Ecosystem - Alliance

ISELED, based on smart LED modules, offers innovative features to support the increasing usage of LEDs in cars for different lighting tasks.

Automotive supplier benefit from the smart control and communication for each LED, the calibration of color and brightness at the end of the LED module production, the automatic self-controlled temperature compensation, the easy handling and the integrated diagnostic functionality.

ISELED is experiencing an increasing acceptance throughout the industry. This is reflected in the growing and diversified membership of the ISELED Alliance.

The entire value chain is now covered in order to further establish ISELED as a standard lighting system solution (ecosystem).

Broad industry support covering different industry segments and the expansion with the iLAS network give ISELED technology ever greater dynamism and enormously expand its potential range of applications – far beyond the original idea of automotive interior lighting.

ISELED is also addressing applications like external lighting, general transport, aerospace and industrial.