Dual View Display

A key application for APIX is the connection from Infotainment head units to displays - primarily central information displays (CID) usually located in the upper middle of the dashboard of the car.

Inovas APIX technology allows here a single cable connection to handle all - video, audio, control and data transfer between the head unit and the remote display panel over on simple cable.

Premium car models might offer highly advanced features such as dual view displays allowing to show different content for the driver and the passenger on just one screen. Other upcoming services and functions supported by APIX are videoconferencing, touch screen support, on board diagnostics and remote panel control. All this minimizes components and cabling in the car and all functions can be remotely handled and controlled from the head unit. This allows building “dump”, lower cost, highly integrated display panels.



APIX Feature

Video Conferencing

Ethernet for Video transfer from display with built in camera to the head unit

Dual View

2 independent video channels

Touch Screen

I²C or SPI for remote touch control

On board diagnostics

Ethernet for diagnostic communication

panel control (backlight etc)

I²C or SPI for control data transfer from the head unit to the display





APIX2 Receiver


APIX2 Receiver with HDCP and touch support


APIX2 Transmitter