INAP590T Development Kit


The INAP590T Development Kit is an APIX3 transmitter board. It provides a variety of data inputs for digital video, Ethernet, audio and control data processing to evaluate all main functions of the APIX3 INAP590T Transmitter devices. All board functions can be controlled via a software GUI "APICO" connected to an on-board microcontroller. Direct access to the APIX3 transmitter is possible via onboard PIN headers.


  • Flexible physical layer supporting
    - 3 Gbps bandwidth
    - 187.5 Mbps upstream
    - up to 12 Gbps downstream physical layer testing
  • Two independent video streams
  • 2 HDCP encryption engines (INAP590T only)
  • HDMI 1.4a interface with 3D support
  • Video resolutions up to (examples)
    - 1920 x 720 x 24 bit @ 60 Hz
    - 1920 x 1080 x 24 bit @ 30 Hz
  • Diagnostic Features and CRC protected data transfer (AShell)
  • Configurable full-duplex data communication for Data, Ethernet and GPIO
  • 12 Gbps downstream physical layer testing
  • On boards Ethernet switch for Ethernet over APIX
  • Daisy chaining support
  • Pin header for external access
  • APICO configuration tool via USB
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INAP590T Transmitter Board

INAP590T (HDCP) APIX2 Transmitter main board, Power Supply, USB cable, HSD Leoni Dacar cable 5m