Remote Camera System

One inch cube size cameras using High Dynamic Range (HDR) Megapixel image sensors are built in several times in cars. Those small size cameras are put in the side mirrors, under the windscreen, to the back side of the car, in the front car wings and inside the car to watch the driver and passengers. This allows implementing features such as blind spot detection, lane departure warning, road sign recognition, drowsiness recognition of the driver - or simply watching babies in the CID, sitting deep in the back and no turn of the body is required.

Since the number of cameras is increasing in the car, they must be build small, light and at required cost while at the same time being reliable, providing highest picture quality at zero delays - and being completely remote controlled.

The APIX link technology with its real-time uncompressed video transfer channels and high speed secure communication, including some data integrity features is the right solution for this cameras.



APIX Feature

Glueless Interface to popular image sensors

parallel video port I²C for control

Supports all video formats RGB, YUV etc

no content manipulation

reliable and robust video and data transfer

AShell - secure data transfer

Remote imager clock control

build in clock generator for imager

High Speed imager control data transfer

SPI Interface





APIX Receiver


APIX2 Transmitter