Stereo Camera System

Forward looking cameras in cars - mounted in the windscreen behind the inside rear view mirror - becoming more and more popular. New generation cameras are stereo camera systems, allowing exact distance measurements and object recognition.
Those stereo camera systems can be part of an ADAS, road sign recognition or lane departure warning (LDW) system. Advanced Drive Recorders are another application for remote stereo cameras.

APIX2 with 2 independent video channels allows building, compact remote controlled stereo camera systems. The ECU can be moved away from the windscreen to a better place in the car under the dashboard, for drive recorders an important topics since in a heavy car accident, when the windscreen brakes also the recorder might get destroyed and with it the recorded information.

The APIX2 technology is optimized to do the video transfer and control signal exchange, supported by some data integrity functions to avoid malfunctions of the system. A unique feature is the capability to simultaneously transfer and control 2 video streams totally independent from each other. The entire camera can be controlled remotely and therefore be build very compact with basically just the image sensor and the APIX SerDes.



APIX Feature

2 cameras over one link

2 independent video channels

Glueless Interface to popular image sensors

parallel video port I²C for control

Supports all video formats RGB, YUV etc

no content manipulation

reliable and robust video and data transfer

AShell - secure data transfer

Remote imager clock control

build in clock generator for imager

High Speed imager control data transfer

SPI Interface





APIX Receiver (high end)


APIX2 Transmitter (high end)