Inova Services: APIX Support and Training




APIX workshop*

  • module concept
  • diagnosis
  • system integration
  • cable & connectors
  • test & compliance
  • Design Review
  • Schematic Review
  • Configuration Support
  • Transmission line design*
  • Board layout simulation*

APIX Compliance Test

Partners (selection):
Keysight, Leoni, MD Electronics,
Rosenberger, Socionext,
Tektronix and Telemotive

RF simulation:
Identify potential issues like
impedance mismatch, reflections etc.
even before first hardware sample builds.

More information: pdf

  • Transmitter Compliance Test
  • Receiver Compliance Test

More information: pdf

APIX2 Diagnostics and System Integration Workshop

Inova and eco-system partners Keysight, Leoni, MD Electronics, Rosenberger, Socionext, Tektronix and Telemotive to provide first-hand, end-to-end knowledge for robust RF design and optimal APIX link performance

- intended for automotive OEMs and tier-1 suppliers -

APIX, the serial pixel link technology, was developed for the automotive market.  By all accounts, the automotive sector is a challenging market.  Our semiconductor products fulfill and even exceed automotive quality standards, but this achievement alone does not guarantee a functional system, capable of meeting our customer's expectations.  Many parameters influence the performance, robustness and continuous stability of a Gigabit serial link.  Careful selection of components, as well as dedicated design of the high-speed transmission lines on the board are as important as the selection of appropriate physical layer components, such as connectors, cables and ties. Understanding and predicting the effects of environmental stress and aging are key for ensuring the longevity of the cable harness and the functionality of the APIX link itself.  By leveraging the inbuilt diagnostic features of APIX it is possible to continuously monitor the quality of the link during operation and throughout the life time of the device.  Simulation of critical sectors can prevent multiple hardware redesigns.

Together with a proper understanding of jitter, RF transmission mechanisms and the impact of electromagnetic interference, the right tools and test equipment helps to validate, confirm and debug the robustness of the system design.  Therefore, these tools and test equipment are key to ensuring compliance with the APIX standard.